midjourney generative artwork by Essya#1547
DAO RUKAMI is a community, school and platform for slow fashion and design.
It is a WEB 3.0 tool for creating, making events, shopping.

Together we intend to build an NFT platform for small series of objets. It is all about how nature does: slowly it multiplies.

That's how we imagine Metavers for creative awaken poeple.
Come with us. Become part of RUKAMI, invest in NFT platform with Chtist-all-of-Mind.
photo: https://foundation.app/@art_blue_ash
project member
A WEB 3.0.platform is made by peer-to-peer players for p2p players.

It is a DAO, so the platform is operated by the community. It also rewards the players and DAO members.

</ It is a virtual modern market, based on confidence, where trust and transparency is guaranted by the blockchain technology.// >

Anna, NFT artist, project member

NFT to get in DAO RUKAMI.

Univers of Universes – Human Metaverse

Money from NFT is used to build NFT platform for slow fashion an design.
5040 NFT

– is a perfect city habitant number after Platon.

Christ-all is generated based on your element, your soul number from 1 to 9 (sum of all numbers in your date of birth), day of the week – your patron planet, season of your birth, also the period of the day or night when you were born.

Based on this data a unique NFT is generated.

combinatorial numbers:
5 9 7 4 4
possible combination / Christ-all-of-Mind
project member
person are in the project team:
designers, photographers, vedographers, project-manager, 3D designers, print designer, art-director, traider, coder
eth is the price of the very first release

NFT Christ-all-of-Mind is an individual one generated form your data.

Each one is an avatar and a selling point in the DAO and platform RUKAMI.

The first 350 NFT holders – are investors with voting token. Those NFT can be sold after or used to get money from the platform. All Christ-alls give reward to the owner: each of the first 5040 NFT's has a 0,005% of the platform, after – gives the reward of using the platform.
members counts our tg group
– those are first DAO investors
months we plan to spend before launching the platform.However since the very first day DAO members cab use test platform
The platform is planned to be launched in 2023. We will start the development in November 2022. Here are some features of the NFT platform for slow fashion and design.
M Pazura
project member
Physical items
We deal with physical items: clothes, accessories, home decoration and so on – those NFT need particular conditions. Anonymous delivery, secondary sale of the NFT after withdrawing the physical item – here are some of our tasks when developing the platform.

There are a lot of great crafters and also a lot of great artists. The time has come to play together.

We want our platform to give an opportunity to artists and crafter masters to create a common NFT.

The goal is to connect beautiful pictures to the beautiful objects. We want to find out how to make it possible. It will give since to millions of creators to sell better their creation. Also millions of people will get better wear and design, with soul and imprint of the human hands on it.

"We are human beings. We know how to make beautiful things. For our-selves, and for others. With care and joy we create a new world with our hands. Rukami"

Sometimes we need to unite. Big tasks cannot be solved alone.

GUM in Moscow was built and opened in 1893 with the money of the Joint Stock Company, which included the owners of small shops on the site of today's GUM.

The merchants needed a new, more modern and premium complex in the center of Moscow. But they could solve this problem only standing together.

Actually, the creation of an NFT platform for slow fashion and design is a new mall. And we need a new Joint Stock Company - DAO.

furure is closer. than it seams
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